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a1-Antitrypsin (Alpha-1-Proteinase-Inhibitor) ELISA  KR6750  Immundiagnostik
αlpha 1 Antitrypsin ELISA (1-point-calibration)  KR6760  Immundiagnostics
alpha 1 Antitrypsin Clearance ELISA  KR6752  Immundiagnostik
beta Defensin 2 ELISA  KR6500  Immune diagnostics
25-OH Vitamin D3/D2 Reversed Phase HPLC  KCR3000  Immundiagnostik
96-Well Microplates for Research
3D Cell Culture Matrices  BioVision
1,25- (OH) 2 Vitamin D ELISA  KR2112  Immundiagnostic
Amylo-Glo RTD Amyloid Plaque Stain Reagent  TR-300-AG  Biosensis
Albumin (human) ELISA KR6330  Immunodiagnostics
Arginine (IDK® Arginine) ELISA​  KR7733  Immundiagnostik
aCGH  Array CGH  Array-based comparative genomic hybridisation
anti-Gliadin sIgA ELISA  KR9311  Immundiagnostics
human Epidermal Transglutaminase IgA ELISA anti-heTG IgA ELISA  KR9396  Immunodiagnostics
human Tissue Transglutaminase IgA ELISA  anti-htTG IgA ELISA  KR9399
human tissue Transglutaminase sIgA ELISA  anti-htTG sIgA ELISA  KR9393
Amine-Reactive Quencher Dyes  EQ Quencher Dyes for FRET Applications  Enzo Life Sciences
Anhydrotrypsin  Molecular Innovations
Animal ELISAs  Preclinical ELISAs  KAMIYA Biomedical
Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Compounds  Inhibitors  Immunosuppressants
Actin Inhibitors  Cytochalasin  Latrunculin
Antibiotics for Research  Antimicrobials  Antibacterials
Aviva’s Antibody Blast Search Tool  Aviva Systems Biology
Apoptosis Inhibitors
Adhesion Slides  Tools for Microscopy
Agarose  Biomol GmbH
Alexa Fluor 488 Anti-Human CD Antibodies  EXBIO
Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Antibodies  GeneTex
Antibodies for Epigenetics Research  GeneTex
Antibody Labelling Kits  BioVision
Antibodies for Research  Sapphire Bioscience
Autophagy Antibodies  GeneTex
Autophagy Antibodies  Bioss Antibodies
Antibiotics for Plant Tissue Culture
Aurora Kinase Inhibitors  BioVision
Autotaxin (ATX)-Lysophosphatidic Acid (LPA) Pathway Products  Echelon Biosciences
Apoptosis Antibodies and ELISA Kits  LSBio
Agarose Gel Extraction Kits  Australia  New Zealand
Adipokine Antibodies  Obesity & Diabetes  GeneTex
Antibodies for Regulatory Factors and Expressed Proteins  Obesity & Diabetes  GeneTex
Aluminium Cryotubes for Liquid Nitrogen Storage of Tissue Samples  Monosan
Antibodies for Detection of Environmental Contaminants  Nordic MUbio
Bovine Insulin ELISA  10-1201-01  Mercodia
BSA  Bovine Serum Albumin  JBS-CPP-A02
​Biologically Active Antibodies (Azide-Free)  Diaclone
BAFF antibody  BAFF protein  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Bioactive Lipids  Cayman Chemical
BDNF ELISA Kits  BDNF Quantification  Biosensis
Breast Tissue Slides  ProSci Incorporated
Brain Tissue Slides  ProSci Incorporated​
Bladder Tissue Slides  ProSci Incorporated​
Biostab Antibody Stabilizer  Biomol GmbH
Bioactive Peptides  California Peptides  Echelon Biosciences
Buffers for Western Blot  GeneTex
Breast Cancer Tumour Markers  GeneTex
B-Cell Cytokines  Shenandoah Biotechnology
Autoimmune Disease Biomarkers APRIL & BAFF – AdipoGen Life Sciences
Bioprocess Products  Enzo Life Sciences
Bayer Silicone Grease
Canine Insulin ELISA  10-1203-01  Mercodia
​CRISPR/Cas9 Monoclonal Antibody [7A9]  A-9000  EpiGentek
CyGEL Sustain™  Thermoreversible Immobilisation Gel for Live Cells and Organisms  CS20500
Cynomolgus/Rhesus IFN Alpha ELISA  PBL-46100-1  PBL Assay Science
Cell Counting Kit-8  ALX-850-039  Enzo Life Sciences
C-reactive Protein (CRP) (1-point-calibration) ELISA  KR9720S  Immundiagnostik
Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) kits  EpiGentek
Chemotaxis Assay  Microfluidics Assay  Cell Director-2D
Collagen Antibodies  LSBio
Custom Multiplex Assays  Q-Plex Assays  Quansys Biosciences
Cell Cytotoxicity Assays  BioVision
Cytochrome P450 Assay Kits  Drug Metabolism Assays  BioVision
Cell Viability Apoptosis Assays  ImmunoChemistry Technologies
Clostridium difficile toxins  C. difficile toxins  List Biological Laboratories
Cytokines for Asthma Research  Shenandoah Biotechnology
ChIP Antibodies
Cholera Toxins  List Biological Laboratories
Cytoskeleton Actin Antibodies  EXBIO
Cancer Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  GeneTex
Cervix Tissue Slides  ProSci Incorporated​
Cancer Stem Cell Markers  GeneTex
CyTRAK Orange  BioStatus
ChromaFlash High-Sensitivity ChIP Kit  EpiGentek
CRISPR-Cas9 Products  Antibodies  HDR Blockers
Cancer and Oncoprotein ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Custom Antibodies
CRISPR Cpf1 Antibodies  GeneTex
Chemokines  Biomol GmbH
Cytokines  Biomol GmbH
CRISPR/Cas9 Detection Kits & Antibodies  EpiGentek
Cell-Based ELISA Kits  LSBio
Comprehensive Tools for Interpreting Immunological Responses  Enzo Life Sciences
CYTO-ID® Autophagy Detection Kit 2.0  Enzo Life Sciences
Cell Death Antibodies  GeneTex
Cell Analysis Tools  BioActs
Cytoskeleton Antibodies  Abnova
c-Myc Antibodies for Stem Cell Research  GeneTex
Cell Fractionation/Isolation Kits  Invent Biotechnologies
Cancer Research ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Cancer Research Antibodies  GeneTex
Coenzyme A and CoA Esters  Larodan
COVID-19 Research Products  Antiviral Research Tools  Cayman Chemical
Cell Viability and Proliferation Assays  BioVision
COVID-19 Assay Kits  BioVision
COVID-19 Research Products  Coronavirus  SARS-CoV-2
COVID-19 Recombinant Proteins  BioVision
Coronavirus Antibodies and Proteins  Aviva Systems Biology
Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filters  BioVision
Cell Surface Markers  Obesity & Diabetes  GeneTex
Cell Damage and Oxidative Stress Assay Kits  BioVision
Cardiac Markers  Bioss Inc.
C-peptide ELISA  10-1136-01  Mercodia
CyGEL  Thermoreversible Gel for Live Cells and Organisms  CY10500
Circulating Tumour Cells  CTC  CytoQuest CR
DNA Purification  Enzo Life Sciences
DNA Methylation Quantification Kits – EpiGentek
DNA Bisulfite Conversion  DNA methylation solutions from EpiGentek
DNA Methyltransferase Assays and DNA Demethylase Assays – EpiGentek
Dyes, Stains, and Indicators  Cayman Chemical
Drought Stress Antibodies  Agrisera
DAF Compounds – Fluorescent Probes for the Detection of Nitric Oxide  Chemodex
Diphtheria Toxins & CRM  List Biological Laboratories
Dengue Virus Antibodies  GeneTex
DNA Ladders  Biomol GmbH
Detect Viral Targets in Tissue  Bio-Probe Viral Probes  Enzo Life Sciences
DyLight® 488 Secondary Antibodies  Agrisera
DyLight® 550 Secondary Antibodies  Agrisera
DNA Methylation Antibodies  GeneTex
DyLight 350 Secondary Antibodies  Agrisera
DNA Damage & Repair Antibodies  EpiGentek
Cytokine Research Products  Enzo Life Sciences
DNA Polymerases  BioVision
DNA Damage & Repair Kits  EpiGentek
DNA Isolation Kits
DRAQ7  BioStatus
Equine Insulin ELISA  10-1205-01  Mercodia
EpiSonic 2000 Sonication System  Sonicator  EQC-2000
​ELISpot Kits and ELISpot Sets  Diaclone
ELISA Kits  Abnova
EPO detection  erythropoietin detection  EPO pre-cast gels
ELISpot Assay Kits, Sets & Pairs  Diaclone
Eicosanoid Assay Kits  Cayman Chemical
Epigenetic Modulators  BioVision
Exosome Quantification Kits  BioVision
Eicosanoid Antibodies  Cayman Chemical
Eicosanoid Screening Libraries  Cayman Chemical
Eicosanoid Recombinant Proteins  Cayman Chemical
Eicosanoid Research Chemicals  Cayman Chemical
ELISA Solutions  ELISA Development  Immunochemistry Technologies
Epigenetic Antibodies  EpiGentek
Endocannabinoids  Analytical Standards  Cayman Chemical
ECL Kits  ECL Substrates for Western Blot  GeneTex
ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
ELISA Kits for Research  Sapphire Bioscience
EGFR Inhibitors  Selleck Chemicals
Exosome Research Products  BioVision
Exosome Antibodies  BioVision
Exosome Standards  BioVision
Enterovirus 71 (EV71) Antibody Products from GeneTex
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stain  ABP Biosciences
Erythroferrone (human) ELISA Kit  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Feline Insulin ELISA  10-1233-01  Mercodia
FISH probes  Fluorescent in situ hybridisation probes  Abnova
Fc Fusion proteins  Immunoglobulin fusion proteins  B7-CD28 superfamily and cytokine fusion proteins
Flavanones for Research – INDOFINE Chemical Company
Fluorescent Proteins for Subcellular Labelling/Visualisation  BioVision
Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology Standards  Cayman Chemical
Fluorescence Immunostaining  Immunofluorescence Products  GeneTex
FOXO3a Antibody  GTX100277  GeneTex
Flow Cytometry Products  Enzo Life Sciences
Factor Requirements for Canonical Autophagy and LAP  GeneTex
Fatty Acid Hydroxy Fatty Acids (FAHFAs)  Cayman Chemical
Fluorescent Exosome Standards  BioVision
Ferroptosis Research Products  Cayman Chemical
Flamma Fluor Dyes  BioActs
Fluorescent FSD™ Fluor Dyes  BioActs
Fish Blocking Reagents  BSA Alternative  EastCoast Bio
Fluorescent Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Conjugates  Hyaluronic Acid  Echelon Biosciences
FIX&PERM® Cell Fixation and Permeabilization Kit  Nordic MUbio
Glycentin ELISA 10-1273-01  Mercodia
GFP CERTIFIED® FLUOFORTE® Calcium assay kit for microplates  ENZ-51020  Enzo Life Sciences
Glucagon ELISA – 10 μL  10-1281-01  Mercodia
GABA ELISA  KR7012  Immundiagnostics
Genomic DNA Amplification & Labelling  Enzo Life Sciences
Glycine Assay Kit  K589-100  BioVision
Glyphosate ELISA  Herbicide detection  Biosense laboratories
Glucose Metabolism Assay Kits  Cayman Chemical
Gall Bladder Tissue Slides  ProSci Incorporated​
Gold-Conjugated Secondary Antibodies  LSBio
GLP-1 (9-36) Amide Control – Low, Medium, High  10-1287-01  Mercodia
GTP Analogues in Microtubule Dynamics  Jena Bioscience
Growth Factors  Biomol GmbH
Gasdermin Research Antibodies, Kits and Biochemicals – AdipoGen Life Sciences
Glycolysis Assay Kits  BioVision
Golgi Stain  ABP Biosciences
Gangliosides  Polar Lipids  Matreya LLC
Glucagon ELISA  10-1271-01  Mercodia
High Range Rat Insulin ELISA  10-1145-01  Mercodia
Human TOP2A / Topoisomerase II Alpha ELISA Kit  LS-F12830  LSBio
Human Interferon ELISAs  PBL Assay Science
Human ENA 78 / CXCL5 (5-78 aa) Protein  100-185  Shenandoah Biotechnology
Human FGF-7 Protein  100-187  Shenandoah Biotechnology
Human Multiplex Assays  Q-Plex Assays  Quansys Biosciences
Human Prorenin ELISA Kit  HPRENKT  Molecular Innovations
Human Prorenin ELISA Kit for Non Plasma Samples  HPRENKT-NP  Molecular Innovations
Highly-characterised IHC Antibodies  Immunohistochemistry Antibodies  LSBio
Human Kininogen total antigen assay ELISA Kit  HKNGKT-TOT  Molecular Innovations
Human Plasmin Antiplasmin Complex total antigen assay ELISA kit  HPAPKT-COM  Molecular Innovations
Hyaluronic Acid ELISA  K-1200  Echelon Biosciences Inc.
Human IL-8 (CXCL8)  Interleukin 8  100-175
HPLC Columns & Gels  YMC
Histone Modification Antibodies  EpiGentek
Histamine ELISA  ENZ-KIT140-0001  Enzo Life Sciences
Heart Tissue Slides  ProSci Incorporated​
HDAC Assay Kit  Measure HDAC Activity or Inhibition  EpiGentek
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) Antibodies  GeneTex
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Antibodies  GeneTex
How to Culture Human Embryonic Stem (ES) Cells and Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells  BioLamina
Heat Shock Proteins for Research  Cayman Chemical
Heme Oxygenase Antibodies
HDAC and Sirtuin Assays  Enzo Life Sciences
Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Assays  EpiGentek
Human Ceruloplasmin ELISA Kit  Molecular Innovations
Hyaluronic Acid Research Products  Hyalose  Echelon Biosciences
Human Insulin ELISA  10-1113-01  Mercodia
Immunohistochemistry  IHC Reagents  Monosan
Iso-Insulin ELISA  10-1128-01  Mercodia
Inflammasome Antibodies  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Products  Enzo Life Sciences
IgG ELISA Kits  Kamiya Biomedical
Immune Checkpoint Proteins & Antibodies  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Influenza Virus Antibodies  GeneTex
ISOKINE Stem Cell Growth Factors & Cytokines  ORF Genetics
Immunology Antibodies – Bioss Antibodies
Immunoglobulin ELISA Kits – Molecular Innovations
Innate Immunity Research Products  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Insulin Resistance Signalling Antibodies  Obesity & Diabetes  GeneTex
Ki-67 Antibodies  GeneTex
Kidney Tissue Slides  ProSci Incorporated​
Knockout/Knockdown Validated Antibodies  GeneTex
Kookaburra Kits
Lp(a) ELISA  Human Lipoprotein A ELISA  10-1106-01
Lipid Extraction Kit (Chloroform-free)  K216  BioVision
LR3 IGF-I Rapid ELISA Kit (Human)  BEK-2233  Biosensis
LRRK2 Inhibitor  Small Molecule Inhibitor  Biosensis
Lung Tissue Slides  ProSci Incorporated
Liver Tissue Slides  ProSci Incorporated
Lipid Strips and Lipid Arrays  Echelon Biosciences
Lysyl Oxidase Assay Kit  LOX  BioVision
Lipid Standards  Eicosanoids  Cayman Chemical
Liver Biomarkers  Hepatic Biomarkers  BioVision
Loading Control Antibodies for Plant and Algal Samples  Agrisera
Myostatin ELISA KR1012  Immunodiagnostics
MPO ELISA  Myeloperoxidase ELISA  10-1176-01
Microalbumin ELISA Kits  Kamiya Biomedical
Myosin-VIIa Antibody  PTS-25-6790-C050  Proteus Biosciences
Myosin-VI Antibody  PTS-25-6791-C050  Proteus Biosciences
Mouse Interferon ELISAs  PBL Assay Science
microRNA  miRNA  GenePharma
Mouse MIF Protein  200-78  Shenandoah Biotechnology
Mouse IL-22 Protein  200-77  Shenandoah Biotechnology
Morphogenesis and advanced Chemotaxis Assay  Cell Director 3D  10-001-10
Melatonin ELISA Kit  ENZ-KIT150  Enzo Life Sciences
Mouse Multiplex Assays  Q-Plex Assays  Quansys Biosciences
MutaREX® Norovirus RT-PCR (96 Tests)  KG290196  Immundiagnostik
MutaREX® Enterovirus RT-PCR (32 Tests)  KG290232  Immundiagnostik
MutaREAL® Enterovirus RT-PCR (96 Tests)  KG2900296  Immundiagnostik
MutaREX® 905 (Cytomegalovirus) PCR  KG290496  Immundiagnostik
MutaPLEX® Legionella pneumophila PCR  KG196496  Immundiagnostik
MutaPLEX® Enterovirus RT-PCR (32 Tests)  KG190232  Immundiagnostik
MutaPLEX® Enterovirus RT-PCR (96 Tests)  KG190296  Immundiagnostik
MutaPLATE® tuberculosis PCR  KV1935196  Immundiagnostik
MutaPLATE® Borellia PCR (32 Tests)  DNA (from Tick)  KG191732
MutaPLATE® Borellia PCR​ (96 Tests)  DNA (from Tick)  KG191796
MutaPLATE® Borellia PCR (32 Tests)  DNA (from biological liquids)  KG1917032
Multiplex Bead-based Assays  DIAplex  Diaclone
Multi-Drug Resistance Antibodies  Monosan
Microtubule Inhibitors  Cochicine  Paclitaxel
Plant Cell Organelle Antibodies  Agrisera
MMP Assay Kits  Matrix metalloproteinase  Anti-ageing Research
MMP Substrates  Matrix metalloproteinase  Enzo Life Sciences
​MMP Inhibitors  Matrix metalloproteinase  Enzo Life Sciences
Molecular Biology Products  BioVision
Molecular Biology Products  Life Science Research
Mitochondrial Activity and Toxicity Assays
Mouse Tissue Lysates  ProSci Incorporated
Mitochondrial Antibodies  GeneTex
Mitophagy Research Antibodies  GeneTex
Metabolism Research Antibodies  GeneTex
Metabolic Research ELISA Kits  BioVision
Microbiology Staining Kits  BioVision
Monounsaturated Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME)  Larodan
Mycotoxin ELISA Kits  BioVision
Microcystins and Cylindrospermopsins  Toxins  Antibodies
Mouse Insulin ELISA  10-1247  Mercodia
Multiplex IHC Detection Kits  Enzo Life Sciences
NeuroPeptides – Bioactive Peptides for Alzheimer’s Disease Research  California Peptides  Echelon Biosciences
Nucleus Organelle Marker Antibodies  GeneTex
Nuclear receptor reporter assays  INDIGO Biosciences
Neutrophil Extracellular Trap (NET) Assay Kit  Cayman Chemical
New ELISA Kits  Enzo Life Sciences
Natural Products for Research
Neuronal Marker Antibodies  Biosensis
Neuroscience Research Products  Enzo Life Sciences
NLRP3 Inflammasome Activators  AdipoGen Life Sciences
NLRP3 Inflammasome Inhibitors  AdipoGen Life Sciences
NLRP3 Inflammasome Antibodies, ELISA Kits, Proteins, and Lysates  Abnova
Neuronal Signalling  Inhibitors  Agonists
Neuroscience Research Products  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Oxidized LDL ELISA  OxLDL  10-1143-01
Ovine Insulin ELISA  10-1202-01  Mercodia
Ovary Tissue Slides  ProSci Incorporated
Obesity and Diabetes Research Products  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Orexin Research Products
Oxidative Stress Research Tools  Enzo Life Sciences
Oct4 Antibodies  GeneTex
Obesity and Diabetes Antibodies  GeneTex
Osteoprotegerin (OPG) ELISA  KR1011  Immune diagnostics
PROTEOSTAT Protein Aggregation Assays  Enzo Life Sciences
Porcine Insulin ELISA  10-1200-01  Mercodia
Porcine C-peptide ELISA  10-1256-01  Mercodia
Proinsulin ELISA  10-1118-01  Mercodia
Perforin Antibodies and Proteins  Kamiya Biomedical
Pro-resolving Lipid Mediators Poster – Request a copy  Cayman Chemical
Phenylalanine ELISA  KR7014  Immundiagnostik​
ProSci is helping researchers with difficult antigen targets  Custom Antibody Services
Plasminogen Proteins  Molecular Innovations
Protein Labelling Kits  Kamiya Biomedical
Peroxiredoxin products  Peroxiredoxin antibodies, proteins and kits  AbFrontier
Single-use PUFAs  Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids  Peroxide-free
Pacific Blue Anti-Human CD Antibodies  EXBIO
PI 4-Kinase Pathway Assays and Reagents  Echelon Biosciences
Peptides for Gastrointestinal Research  California Peptide
Phosphoinositide Antibodies  Echelon Biosciences
Pan Protein Modifcation Antibodies  RevMAb Biosciences
Protein Modification Antibodies  RevMAb Biosciences
Plant Hormone ELISA Kits  Agrisera
PCR and qPCR Reagents  Enzo Life Sciences
Protein Purification Products  BioVision
Protein Quantitation Kits  BioVision
Protein Labelling Kits  BioVision
Protein Extraction Kits  GeneTex
Protein Ladders  GeneTex
Plant Hormones  Plant Growth Regulators
PRO-1  Profile-1 Antibody  AS16 3210
PAP Pens  Hydrophobic Barrier Pens
Pesticide ELISA Kits  Biosense Laboratories
Plant Biology Antibodies  Agrisera
Practice ELISA Kit / Student ELISA Kit  Cayman Chemical
Phospho-Specific Antibodies
Progranulin Antibodies, Proteins, & ELISA Kits – AdipoGen Life Sciences
PDE Inhibitors I Toronto Research Chemicals
PAI-1 ELISA Kits  Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor 1  Molecular Innovations
Prothrombin ELISA Kits – Molecular Innovations
p75 neurotrophin receptor (p75NTR) ELISA Kits  Biosensis
Photosynthesis Kits  Agrisera
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME)  Larodan
Pertussis Toxins and Virulence Factors  List Biological Laboratories
Phosphosphingolipids  Polar Lipids  Matreya, LLC
Q-View Imager LS  Chemiluminescent Plate Reader  Quansys Biosciences
Quantify Histone Modifications  Multiplex H3 or H4 Modification Kits  EpiGentek
Rubisco ELISA quantitation kit  AS15 2994  Agrisera
Rat/Mouse Proinsulin ELISA  10-1232-01  Mercodia
Rat/Mouse Insulin FIA  10-1248-10  Mercodia
Rat Multiplex Assays  Q-Plex Assays  Quansys Biosciences
Rat Liver Lyophilised Powder  Catalogue Number: RT-LP-LR  Molecular Innovations
Rat Kidney Lyophilised Powder  Catalogue number RT-LP-KD  Molecular Innovations
Rat Brain Lyophilised Powder  Catalogue Number RT-LP-BR  Molecular Innovations
Rabbit PAI-1 total antigen assay ELISA kit  RbPAIKT-TOT  Molecular Innovations​
Reverse Transfection Reporter Assays  Cayman Chemical
RAS Signalling Cancer Research  Antibodies Proteins Assay Kits RNAi FISH Probes Lysates  Abnova
RNA Methylation Kits  EpiGentek
Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Services  ProSci Incorporated
Recombinant Human Chemokines  Molecular Innovations
Reagents for Electron Microscopy
Rat Tissue Lysates  ProSci Incorporated
Recombinant Proteins
Rapid Protein Extraction Kits  Invent Biotechnologies
Renin/Prorenin ELISA Kits  Molecular Innovations
RNA and DNA Purification Kits  Cleanup Kits  Jena Bioscience
Rat Insulin ELISA  10-1250  Mercodia
Rat C-peptide ELISA  10-1172-01  Mercodia
Secretory Immunoglobulin A-1 (sIgA-1) ELISA KR6863  Immunodiagnostics
Sulforhodamine 101
Screening Libraries  Chemical Compound Libraries  Cayman Chemical
SCREEN-WELL® Compound Libraries  Enzo Life Sciences
SOX2 Antibodies  GeneTex
Single Domain Antibody Production  Custom Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
Saporin Protein  Toxin  Biosensis
Stool sample tube for hygienic handling of faecal material  Immundiagnostik
siRNA  GenePharma
Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter Inhibitors  Cayman Chemical
Small Molecules for Neurodegenerative Disease Research  Cayman Chemical
Secondary Antibodies  GeneTex
Steroid Hormone ELISA Kits  Cayman Chemical
StemBeads  Controlled-Release Growth Factors  StemCultures
Secondary Antibodies  BioVision
Stem Cell Antibodies for Research  ProSci Incorporated
Sample Preparation Kits for DNA, Proteins, Chromatin and RNA  EpiGentek
Saturated Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME)  Larodan
Syringe Filters  BioVision
SIL Proteins and mAbs for LC-MS  Oncology Research  Promise Advanced Proteomics
SIL Proteins and mAbs for LC-MS  Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors  Promise Advanced Proteomics
SIL Proteins and mAbs for LC-MS  Neurodegenerative Diseases Research  Promise Advanced Proteomics
Serum Products for Research  Nordic MUbio
Testis Tissue Slides  ProSci Incorporated
Trident femto-ECL  GTX14698  GeneTex
Total GLP-1 NL-ELISA  10-1278-01  Mercodia
Toxicity Research ELISA Kits  BioVision
TLR4 Agonist Explorer Sets™ from Innaxon  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Tissue Specific Laminin Cell Culture Matrices  BioLamina
TLR Agonists and Antagonists  Innaxon
Tracking New DNA Synthesis  ABP Biosciences
Tracking New RNA Synthesis – ABP Biosciences
Trace Element Assay Kits to Detect Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc  Immundiagnostik
TLR Agonists
Ultrasensitive C-peptide ELISA  10-1141-01  Mercodia
Ultrasensitive Mouse Insulin ELISA  10-1249-01  Mercodia
Ultrasensitive Rat Insulin ELISA  10-1251-01  Mercodia
Universal Kinase Activity Assay Kit  BioVision
Ultrasensitive Insulin ELISA  10-1132-01  Mercodia
UGT Activity Assay & Ligand Screening Kit (Fluorometric)  BioVision
PIP Mass ELISAs  Echelon Biosciences
Urokinase ELISA Kits – uPA ELISA Kits – Molecular Innovations
Ubiquitin-Proteasome System Research Products  South Bay Bio, AdipoGen Life Sciences
VEGF ELISA Kits  Biosensis
Validated Cancer Antibodies  Bioss Antibodies
Vitamin D ELISA Kits
Virus Antibodies  GeneTex
Vision & Retina Antibodies  GeneTex
Veterinary Science Research Products
WNT Pathway Antibodies
Wnt/β-catenin Signalling Pathway Antibodies  Abnova
Wildlife Endocrinology  Enzo Life Sciences
Yeast Protein Antibodies  Proteus Biosciences
Zebrafish Antibodies  GeneTex
Zika Virus Antibodies  GeneTex
Zebrafish Antibodies  Nordic MUbio
Zonulin (Serum) ELISA  KR5601  Immundiagnostik​
Biosimilar Monoclonal Antibodies  BioVision
Innate Immunity  TNF-TRAF Signalling Antibodies  Abnova
Global DNA Methylation  EpiGentek
Exosome Isolation Reagent – BioVision
Exosome DNA Extraction Kits  BioVision
Exosome RNA Extraction Kits  BioVision
Exosome Isolation Kits  ExoPure Exosome Isolation Kits  BioVision
DyLight® 594 Secondary Antibodies  Agrisera
Bacterial Toxins for Research  List Biological Laboratories
Histone Mitotic Marker Antibodies  RevMAb Biosciences
DyLight® 633 Secondary Antibodies  Agrisera
Cancer Antibodies  Aviva Systems Biology
Malaria Antibodies
Dengue Virus Antibodies and ELISA Kits  Abnova
Plant Virus RNA Kit  BioVision
Virus DNA/RNA Kit  BioVision
Fructosamine Assay Kit (Colorimetric)  BioVision
DyLight® 650 Secondary Antibodies  Agrisera
Small Molecules for Inflammasome Research  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Histone Modification Antibody Panel Packs  EpiGentek
Assay Kits for Gastroenterology and Nutrition  Immundiagnostik
Diabetes Antigen Control – Human Low and High  10-1164-01  Mercodia
Glucagon Control – Low, Medium, High  10-1286-01  Mercodia
CD138 ELISA Kits and Sets  Diaclone
Citrullination Research Tools  Cayman Chemical
Human CD106 ELISA Kit​s and Sets  Diaclone
Human Perforin ELISA Kits and Sets  Diaclone
Human CD178 ELISA Kits and Sets  Diaclone
Human Angiopoietin-2 ELISA Kit  Diaclone
Human VEGF165 ELISA Kit  Diaclone
Nucleic Acid Kits  BioVision
Plasmid DNA Purification Kits​  BioVision
Genomic DNA Extraction Kits  BioVision
Notch Signalling Tools for Cancer & T-Cell Research  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Apoptosis Detection Kits for Non-Fixed Samples
​Apoptosis Detection Kits for Fixed Samples  Australia  New Zealand
Cell-Based CELLESTIAL Assay Kits  Enzo Life Sciences
Akt Pathway Research Products  Enzo Life Sciences
Cell Adhesion Molecule Antibodies  Monosan
Laminins for Research  Biolaminins  BioLamina
IHC Antibodies  St John’s Laboratory
Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation Kits – EpiGentek
Fluorescent Dyes and Stains for Research  Cellestial Dyes  Enzo Life Sciences
Organelle Dyes, Stains and Fluorescent Probes  Enzo Life Sciences
Calcium Dyes, Stains and Labels for Research  Enzo Life Sciences
Mitochondrial Dyes, Stains and Fluorescent Probes  Enzo Life Sciences
Blood Protein ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Cytokine and Cytokine Receptor ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Protein A ELISA Kit  Enzo Life Sciences
Chloromethylketone Inhibitors  Molecular Innovations
Recombinant Antibodies  Enzo Life Sciences
Caspase Assay Kits  Cell Viability Assays  ImmunoChemistry Technologies
Single Domain Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
DYRK Inhibitors  AdipoGen Life Sciences
TNF & TNF Receptor Superfamily Research Products  Enzo Life Sciences
Biochemicals for Research  Sapphire Bioscience
Small Molecule Antibodies  ImmuSmol
Neurotransmitter Antibodies  ImmuSmol
Kynurenine Pathway Antibodies  ImmuSmol
Neuroendocrine Tumour Marker Antibodies  ImmuSmol
Neuropeptide Antibodies  Biosensis
GDNF ELISA Kits  Biosensis
BMP-2 ELISA Kits  Biosensis
Hydroxyproline and Collagen Assay Kits  BioVision
Amino Acid Assay Kits  BioVision
Neurotransmitter ELISA Kits  ImmuSmol
Histamine ELISA Kits  ImmuSmol
Serotonin Antibodies  ImmuSmol
Cytoskeleton Intermediate Filaments  EXBIO
Kynurenine ELISA  BA-E-2200  ImmuSmol
L-Tryptophan ELISA kit  BA-E-2700  ImmuSmol
Assays to Measure Oxidative Damage  Cayman Chemical
Loading Control Antibodies  GeneTex
Research Tools for Fatty Liver Diseases  Cayman Chemical
Vitellogenin ELISA Kits  Biosense Laboratories
Marine Algal Toxin ELISA Kits  Biosense Laboratories
Mycotoxin ELISA Kits  Biosense Laboratories
Ionophore ELISA Kits  Biosense Laboratories
DyLight-Conjugated Secondary Antibodies  GeneTex
Cytogenetics Products  Enzo Life Sciences
Antibodies for Tumour Immunology  Bioss Antibodies
Adaptive Immunity System ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Cell Adhesion ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
IHC Reagents  Aviva Systems Biology
MND Antibodies  Abnova
Leukocyte Biomarkers  Abnova
Prostate Cancer Biomarkers  Abnova
Interferon Proteins  Biomol GmbH
TNF Proteins  Tumour Necrosis Factor Proteins  Biomol GmbH
Mouse Cytokines  Biomol GmbH
GPCR Antibodies  Biosensis
Glial Antibodies  Biosensis
Cancer Stem Cell Inhibitors  BioVision
Human Interferon Proteins  Biomol GmbH
Cancer Research Products  Enzo Life Sciences
Hippo Pathway Inhibitors and Antibodies
MEP Pathway Research Products  Methylerythritol Phosphate  Echelon Biosciences
Log Scale DNA Ladders  Jena Bioscience
Bioactive Proteins  Abnova
MaxSpec: Products for Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Applications  Cayman Chemical
Ion Channel Antibodies  GeneTex
Fibroblast Antibodies  GeneTex
Fluorescent Probes  Cayman Chemical
Exosome Antibodies  Diaclone
TLR Antibodies  Aviva Systems Biology
TLR Antibodies  GeneTex
TLR Antibodies  Bioss Antibodies
TLR Antibodies  Cayman Chemical
TLR Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
TLR ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
TLR Ligands  Enzo Life Sciences
Neuroscience Antibodies and ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
​Biochemical Detection Kits for Neuroscience  Aviva Systems Biology
Neurotrophin Signalling Antibodies and ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Axon Guidance Antibodies and ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Alzheimer’s Disease Antibodies and ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Parkinson’s Disease Antibodies and ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Lipid-Coated Beads  Lipid Beads  Echelon Biosciences
Virus and Bacteria Antibodies  Bioss Antibodies
Complete NanoSizer Liposome Extrusion Kit  T&T Scientific
Adiponectin Research Tools  Enzo Life Sciences
ALS/MND Antibodies and ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Apoptosis Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
EGFR Antibodies  GeneTex
NanoSizer Liposome Mini Extruders  T&T Scientific
Endothelial Cell Antibodies  GeneTex
Caspase/Apoptosis Detection Kits  Cell Technology Inc.
Angiogenesis Inhibitors  Anti-Angiogenic Compounds  Cayman Chemical
Silicone Isolators™  Grace Bio-Labs
SecureSeal™ Hybridization Chambers  Grace Bio-Labs
Cyano-Toxin ELISA Kits  Biosense Laboratories
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease Antibodies  Biosensis
Motor Neurone Disease (MND/ALS) Antibodies  Biosensis
Stains and Dyes for Neuronal Tissue  Biosensis
Oxidative Stress Assays  Aoxre Bio-Sciences
Toxins for Microbiome Research  List Biological Laboratories
Breast Cancer Immunohistochemistry Markers  LSBio
Prostate Cancer Immunohistochemistry Markers  LSBio
Colorectal Cancer Immunohistochemistry Markers  LSBio
Lung Cancer Immunohistochemistry Markers  LSBio
Lipid-Protein Interaction Tools  Echelon Biosciences
Lipid-Coated Plates and Microarrays  Lipid Plates  Echelon Biosciences
Polymerised Liposomes  PolyPIPosomes  Echelon Biosciences
Natural Phospholipids  Larodan
Synthetic Phospholipds  Larodan
Mycotoxins for Research  Cayman Chemical
Multiplex Assays  Quansys Biosciences
Food Science Assay Kits  BioVision
Hybridization and Incubation Chambers  Seals  Grace Bio-Labs
Clodronate Liposomes  LIPOSOMA
An Introduction to Clodronate Liposomes  LIPOSOMA
Cytotoxicity Assays  ImmunoChemistry Technologies
Cell Proliferation, Viability, and Cytotoxicity Assays  Cayman Chemical
NAD+ Metabolism Enzymes  Biologically Active  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Cell Structure Probes  ABP Biosciences
Actin Probes  Actin Stains  ABP Biosciences
ROS Probes  ROS Stains  ABP Biosciences
Nucleic Acid Stains  ABP Biosciences
Membrane Stains  ABP Biosciences
Cytosol Stains  Cytoplasm Stains  ABP Biosciences
Lysosome Stains  ABP Biosciences
Metabolic Assays  Cell Technology Inc.
Oxidative Stress Detection Assays  Cell Technology Inc.
Inorganic Ion Assay Kits  BioVision
Chemokine Research Products  LSBio
Caspase Research Products  LSBio
Mitochondrial Stains  ABP Biosciences
Cytoskeleton Stains – ABP Biosciences
Protein Microarray Tools – Grace Bio-Labs
Immuno-Oncology Ligands, Cytokine ELISAs, and Antibodies  Enzo Life Sciences
Glycolysis Inhibitors – AdipoGen Life Sciences
Histone H4 Acetylation Antibodies  RevMAb Biosciences
Histone H3 Acetylation Antibodies  RevMAb Biosciences
Histone Family Protein Antibodies  RevMAb Biosciences
Protein Modification Antibodies  RevMAb Biosciences
Monoacylglycerols (MAG/MG) (1-position)  Larodan
Lantibiotics – AdipoGen Life Sciences
Taq Polymerase  Jena Bioscience
Click Chemistry  Tetrazine-containing Click Reagents  Fluorescent Dyes
Click Chemistry  DBCO-containing Click Reagents  Fluorescent Dyes
Tetanus Toxins and Toxoid  List Biological Laboratories
Anthrax Toxins  List Biological Laboratories
Tricarboxylic Acid (TCA) Cycle Inhibitors  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Eicosanoids and Fatty Acids  Cayman Chemical
Fatty Acid and Eicosanoid Mass Spec Mixtures  Cayman Chemical
GPCR Research Products – Antibodies, Biochemicals, and Kits
Cytochrome P450 and PUFAs – Cayman Chemical
IHC Detection Reagents and Kits  Enzo Life Sciences
Lispro NL-ELISA  10-1291-01  Mercodia
Extracellular Vesicle Labelling and Purification – Echelon Biosciences
siPOOLs for RNAi gene knock-down  siTOOLs Biotech
raPOOLs  siTOOLs Biotech
riboPOOL – RNA Depletion For Any Species  siTOOLs Biotech
VetSignal Antibodies  Veterinary Science Antibodies  GeneTex
Hi-C Kits  Proximity Ligation  Phase Genomics
Cell Cycle Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
Detergents for Research  Biomol GmbH
Standard Lab Reagents  Biochemicals  Biomol GmbH
Biological Buffers  Biomol GmbH
Exosome/Microvesicle Markers  GeneTex
Histone Modification Antibody Panel Packs  EpiGentek
Murine ELISA Kits  Mouse ELISA Kits  Diaclone
Rat ELISA Kits  Diaclone
Bisphenol A Detection  Toronto Research Chemicals (TRC)
Rapid ELISA Kits  Biosensis
Total GIP NL-ELISA  10-1258-01  Mercodia
Bone and Skeletal Research Kits and Assays  Immundiagnostik
Fertility Research Kits and Assays  Immundiagnostik
Oncology Research Kits and Assays  Immundiagnostik
Cardiovascular Research Kits and Assays  Immundiagnostik
Saturated Fatty Acids  Larodan
Monounsaturated Fatty Acids  Larodan
Larodan’s Conjugated Fatty Acids
Developmental Biology ELISA Kits  St John’s Laboratory
Beta Actin Antibodies  St John’s Laboratory
Glycobiology Research Products  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Wine Analysis Assay Kits  BioVision
Bile Acid-Gut Microbiome Axis Research Products  Cayman Chemical
Assay Kits, Antibodies and Proteins for Apoptosis Research  Enzo Life Sciences
Plant Proteasome Antibodies  Agrisera
Stem Cell Antibodies  Bioss
Fluorescent Sphingolipid Standards  Matreya LLC
Mass Cytometry-Validated Antibodies  EXBIO
Histone Mutation Antibodies  RevMAb Biosciences
Epitope Tags  RevMAb Biosciences
VEGF Signalling Pathway Antibodies  Abnova
Plant ELISA Kits
Plant Science Research Products
Drugs of Abuse Antibodies  EastCoast Bio
Beer Analysis Kits  BioVision
riboPOOL Kit  siTOOLs Biotech
Angiogenesis ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
TNF ELISA Kits  Tumour Necrosis Factor ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Chromogenic Western Blot Kits  Enzo Life Sciences
Oxidative Stress Kits and Assays  ImmunoChemistry Technologies
20 µL Trial Size NeuroMabs  Antibodies Incorporated
Synapse Markers  Antibodies Incorporated
Premium ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Andy Fluor Dyes  ABP Biosciences
Histone Modification Antibodies  GeneTex
Addiction Research Antibodies  Everest Biotech
Depression Research Antibodies  Everest Biotech
SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Antibodies and Proteins  GeneTex
COVID-19 Antibodies  BioVision
Coronavirus Antibodies  Enzo Life Sciences
Coronavirus Antibodies and Proteins  EastCoast Bio
COVID-19 Recombinant Proteins  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Human ACE2 Antibodies  AdipoGen Life Sciences
COVID-19 Antiviral Compounds  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Anti-Human Immunoglobulin Antibodies  RevMAb Biosciences
Apoptosis ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
SARS-CoV-2 Virus Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
Neuronal Markers  PhosphoSolutions
Neurodegenerative Disease Antibodies  PhosphoSolutions
Neurogenesis and Development Antibodies  PhosphoSolutions
Synaptic Vesicle Protein Antibodies  PhosphoSolutions
Visual System Antibodies  PhosphoSolutions
Natural Phospholipids  Matreya LLC
Synthetic Phospholipids  Matreya LLC
Bacterial Tetraethers  Phospholipids  Matreya LLC
SARS-CoV-2 Human IgG (4-Plex)  Quansys Biosciences
Cytoskeleton Antibodies
Tumour Biomarkers
Coronavirus Research Products  Bioss Antibodies
Pyroptosis and Inflammation Research Antibodies  GeneTex
Active Proteins for Pyroptosis and Inflammation Research  GeneTex
Exalpha Biological’s Biologo Antibodies
Flow Cytometry Antibodies  Aviva Systems Biology
SARS-CoV-2 Recombinant Antibodies  AdipoGen Life Sciences
Antibiotics ELISA Kits  BioVision
ELISA Kits for Drinking Water Contaminants  BioVision
ELISA Kits for Food Testing  Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts  BioVision
Measure m6A/5mC RNA Methylation in Viral Infections  EpiGentek
Viral RNA Extraction Kits  EpiGentek
Monitoring COVID-19 and Cytokine Storm  Diaclone
Animal Insulin ELISA Kits  Mercodia
Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies  LSBio
Photosynthesis Antibodies  Agrisera
Epigenetic Viral RNA Modification Workflow  EpiGentek
Plant Ferredoxin Antibodies  Agrisera
Magnetic Beads for DNA Purification  BioVision
COVID-19 Research Reagents and Tools  ABP Biosciences
Biosilk  A 3D Culture Environment for Expansion and Differentiation of Human PSCs  BioLamina
Protein Extraction Kits for Tough Tissues  Invent Biotechnologies
Tools to Streamline Your Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)  Enzo Life Sciences
Anti-Mouse Immunoglobulin Antibodies  RevMAb Biosciences
SpiralPipet – Spiral-Mix Magnetic Bead Handling System for Automated Pipetting  Abnova
Neuroinflammation Antibodies – GeneTex
Cancer Research Products
Bioss Quality Antibody Promotion – Australia and New Zealand
Fluorescent Dyes, Stains, and Probes
FastELISA Kits  RD-Biotech
ChIP-Validated Histone Modification Antibodies – Aviva Systems Biology
ChIP-Validated Chromatin Modifier Antibodies – Aviva Systems Biology
ChIP-Validated Transcription Factor Antibodies – Aviva Systems Biology
ChIP-Validated Antibodies – Aviva Systems Biology
Laminins for Animal Stem Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Cancer Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Cardiac Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Clonal Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Endothelial Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Epithelial Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Expansion of Human PSC – BioLamina
Laminins for Eye Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Haematopoietic Stem Cell and Progenitor Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Hepatic Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Intestinal Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Kidney Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Lung Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Neural Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Normal and Cancerous Mammary Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Pancreatic Cell Culture – BioLamina
Laminins for Skeletal Cell Muscle Culture – BioLamina
Flow Cytometry Antibodies – Bioss Inc.
Streptavidin IHC Detection Reagents – Enzo Life Sciences
POLYVIEW IHC Kits and Reagents – Enzo Life Sciences
Ancillary Reagents for IHC – Enzo Life Sciences
In Vivo Imaging – Fluorescent Probes  BioActs
THUNDER Cell Signalling Assays  BioAuxilium
Casting NETs in COVID-19  Cayman Chemical
Tumour Markers  GeneTex
Liver Cancer Tumour Markers  GeneTex
Pancreatic Cancer Tumour Markers  GeneTex
Ovarian Cancer Tumour Markers  GeneTex
Colorectal Cancer Tumour Markers  GeneTex
Cathespin Assays and Enzymes  ImmunoChemistry Technologies
Stem Cell Antibodies  LSBio
Inhibitor Kits  Selleck Chemicals
Human/Mouse/Rat riboPOOLs for Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) Depletion  siTOOLs Biotech
Microplate Covers and Accessories
Polypropylene Vials and Lids  BioVison
Multipurpose Spin Columns  BioVision
Sterile Syringe Filters for Tissue Culture Media Filtration  BioVision
CTLA-4 Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
PD-1 Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
Risk-Free™ Immune Checkpoint Antibody Sets  ProSci Incorporated
PD-L1 Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
PD-L2 Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
CD80 Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
TIGIT Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
LIGHT Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
VISTA Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
LAG3 Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
B7-H3 Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorpporated
TIM-3 Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
TMIGD2 Immune Checkpoint Antibodies  ProSci Incorporated
Detecting Neuronal Degeneration with Fluoro-Jade C (FJC) and Fluoro-Jade B (FJB)  Biosensis
SARS-CoV-2 Recombinant Proteins  Immundiagnostik
Lipid Metabolism ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Developmental Biology ELISA Kits  Aviva Systems Biology
Neurodegenerative Disease Research Antibodies  Bioss
Coagulation Factors  Molecular Innovations
Coagulation Factors | Molecular Innovations