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    i-DNA provides life science products and services to the target markets in South East Asia. In Singapore and Malaysia, we sell directly through i-DNA, and in Vietnam through Viet Biotechnology Company Limited. In other countries, we sell directly from our Singapore head office. Please browse through our website by country below.

    i-DNA Biotechnology (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
    Viet Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Vietnam


    New Products
    Red i-Taq DNA Polymerase, 1 U/\B5l. Two new features added to our popular i-Taq DNA Polymerase to form this new product, \93Red i-Taq DNA Polymerase\94. An inert red dye makes it easy to see the presence of Red i-Taq DNA Polymerase in the reaction during preparation and post-reaction. 1 U/\B5l concentration makes it convenient to aliquot accurately and to prepare a small volume reaction.
    • QuantiGene ViewRNA ISH for Cell and Tissue (frozen/FFPE). In situ hybridization of single RNA at single cell level.
    • Direct, Quantitative Analysis of miRNA, RNA & DNA from sample using bDNA technology. A simplified and alternative method to PCR and real-time PCR.
    • Quantitative Multiplex Analysis of >50 Analytes Per Sample in 3 hours. Imagine performing 50+ different ELISAs on a minute sample in 3 hours.
    • Luminex 200 instrument available from i-DNA. We have integrated Luminex 200 instrument with key data analysis software and accessory equipment to provide \93the complete solution\94 for multiplex DNA, RNA and protein analysis on the same Luminex 200 reader. This makes the setting up of Luminex xMAP technology platform a hassle-free and the MUST HAVE equipment in any life science lab. Contact us for more info.
    • Animal behavior research tools. Unlimited possibilities to study animal behavior.
    One-Stop Solution

    Researcher biotechnology.
    Contract Research Service. We offer high throughput, multiplex analysis of DNA, RNA and protein in biological sample fee-for-service.

    Laboratory Animal Science. Whatever your needs in animal research, we can meet it.

    Custom-Made pAb / mAb Production. High success rate, consistently.


    DNA plasmids
    Long structure of the DNA double helix in depth of view.